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Aldeburgh Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Please select a season from the list below.

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June – December

Josephine Harpur

15 June – 21 June

Josephine Harpur’s exhibition will include an eclectic mix of contemporary British artists including Salliann Putman, Jane Corsellis, Adam Binder, Eileen Hogan, Louise Balaam and Robert Wells. A real opportunity to see and buy some exquisite pieces.

Alistair Carr

22 June – 28 June

Alistair Carr is an author. artist and explorer who has a long-standing affinity with wilderness landscapes and their horizons. The North Sea’s horizons are desert and steppe-like in character and this series of charcoal and oil works has been created in autumn mist, deep winter and high summer.


29 June – 05 July

An exhibition of works created by Marion and Scott Stuart exploring our connection to land and sea, through painting, drawing and sculpture. Scott Stuart’s works combine mixed media with painting, while Marion Stuart’s pieces are delicate ceramic boat like vessels.

Julia Watson

06 July – 12 July

Julia Watson’s expressionist paintings and Lucy Lutyens organic sculptures complement one another in their use use of the abstract form. Julia uses vivid colours, form and texture to express the language of emotion and Lucy creates abstract sculptures inspired by the nature and wildlife around her.

Oriel Fine Arts

13 July – 19 July

Many artists have connections with Aldeburgh or the nearby villages or countryside. Expect to see works by Rowland Suddaby, Margaret Thomas, Mary Potter, John Nash, Tessa Newcomb, Colin Self and Moss Fuller.

Steve Higton

20 July – 26 July

Steve Higton’s inspirational and masterly depictions of the East Anglia coastline and landscape, in oils.

Sarah Baddon Price and Patrick Elder

27 July – 02 August

Revisiting the Aldeburgh Gallery with a selection of recent abstract, semi-abstract and figurative paintings. Sculptures by Patrick Elder.

Christopher Humphries

03 August – 09 August

Christopher Humphries experiments with new ideas, bigger and bolder pattern forms and lush, vibrant colours in multiple media. One of his defining features is his versatility and open mind regarding his approach to his unique subjects

Den Phillips

10 August – 23 August

The celebrated East Coast maritime photographer Den Phillips specialises in photographing Classic and Traditional boats and seascapes in black and white. Joining Den is a collective of other Salty Dogs Artists featuring driftwood, paintings, pottery and more, all with with a local nautical theme.

Brian Coetzee

24 August – 30 August

Brian Coetzee creates unique watercolour paintings inspired by the Suffolk landscape and then have them digitally printed onto Silk. Both original framed artwork and Silks will be available to view in his new exhibition.

Tony Hatt

31 August – 06 September

Tony Hatt is an accomplished watercolour artist, living and working in Suffolk. He is fascinated by the elusive imagery of the ever changing reflections on the restless surface of water in the sea and rivers. His sense of humour is apparent in his witty food paintings.

High Tide Festival Show

07 September – 13 September

A special mixed exhibition to highlight some of the new artists and exhibitions for 2018. Artists include Justin Lois Thorpe and Sarah Poland and others.

The Print and Stitch Group

14 September – 20 September

Seven artists, Clive Barnett, Louise Chick, Nicky Eastaugh, Sally Heydon, Margaret Holder, Anne Humphreys and Ruth Seabrook explore the diverse theme of ‘Identity ‘ in the media of print and stitch.

Eastern Edge

21 September – 27 September

Three painters and an architect explore a sense of place with drawing, collage, monoprints and acrylics. Patricia Davidson, Marilyn Jackson, Miriam Smith-Phillipson and Bill Haward.

CO3 Studio Artists

28 September – 04 October

CO3 Studio Artists who live and work on the Essex/Suffolk border, are presenting a variety of mediums and styles in representation of the coast. Paintings, drawings and sculpture will be on display.

Katherine Barney

05 October – 11 October

Hand painted ceramics, jugs, bowls, plates, using nature, animals, fish, flowers etc as inspiration. Commissions undertaken. Back for a fourth exciting year.

Martin Ive

12 October – 18 October

The exhibition will recount a fantasy journey I often make between Aldgate in the East end of London to Aldeburgh. I leave behind the memory of a seething incoherent metropolis and travel through the vast brooding wilderness vistas of Iceland finally arriving at Aldeburgh.

Tessa Sinclair

19 October – 25 October

Tessa’s photographs portray the wild beauty of Suffolk and an unsettling quality that the changing light and man made elements conjure up in those places. She has captured that familiarity yet strangeness and presents her images in a unique collection alongside a beautifully bound book.

Faye Richardson, Kate Walker and Holly Putman

26 October – 01 November

The ceramicist Faye Richardson, Fine Artist Kate Walker and Jewellery Designer/Maker Holly Putman, come together as fellow artists and friends to showcase their latest body of work. All three artists live and work in the beautiful Waveney Valley.

Theronda Hoffman " The Four Daughters " Exhibition

02 November – 08 November

To coincide with Poetry in Aldeburgh week New Paintings, New Ceramics, New Sculptures by Theronda Hoffman, all inspired by “ The Boat Four Daughters “ on Aldeburgh Beach. Come visit the exhibition and find out about the inspiration by the artist to celebrate the festival.

Margriet van Nieuwburg

09 November – 15 November

After a successful show last year, this artist continues to develop the focus of her work. Bringing light, colour and expression to her explorations of how we connect to our surroundings. An exciting mixture of landscapes, interiors and the human form.

Laura Beardsell-Moore

16 November – 22 November

Laura Beardsell-Moore explores the natural world in her colourful and expressive oil paintings.

Felicity Jones and Alex Kennedy

23 November – 29 November

Felicity Jones Ceramics and Alex Kennedy Photography

Red Dot Art Presents

08 December – 12 December

Red Dot Art Presents a selection of contemporary fine art 2D & 3D works by artists Mark Fuller, Tony George, David Hutt, Gerry Jones, Terry Pastor and Tsvetelina Spiridonova. All available to purchase with prices starting at less than £200.

A Christmas Collective Exhibition

13 December – 08 January

Artists include Sara Johnson, Derek Chambers, Steve Saltmarsh, Rob Rutterford, Annette Rolston, Annabel Ridley, Clare Gaylard, Rob Wheeler and others.

Private View Saturday 16th December 12pm – 2pm Mulled Wine and Mince pies.

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